Your Profile

Your profile page gives you a snapshot of your personal details: Name, address with post code, contact email, telephone number. Please, make sure they are current.

On this page, you can include information for your heirs, so they know where you have certain types of documents (your will, house deeds, insurances, etc.) You do not have to disclose any information about them at all; just their location so your heirs will know exactly where to find them.

You can use the boxes provided to add more information that may be relevant or related to the topic suggested. It is your profile and you can complete it to suit your own needs.

In case of not having a will and you feel you would need help with that; our Directory of Expertise will help you. All our collaborators are chosen with care and have great experience so you can get a clear, straight forward and simple answer. Alternatively, just give us a call and we will book an appointment for you, or get you in touch with them.


  My Heirs

In this section you can enter the list of heirs that you want to disclose your information when the time comes.

In order to identify them,fill in the following: Date of Birth, National Insurance Number, Address, telephone number and email.

To let them know that you have subscribed Heirs Today, you just have to complete the email box to inform them. Doing so, they will receive an email from Heirs.Today with your user's number. No details stored in your account will be shared at this stage. You can add their email address at any time.


  My Accounts

In this section you provide a list of your accounts, pensions, mortgages, loans, savings, rental and social media accounts.

On the dropdown labelled 'Account Type', you have the option OTHERS where you can add as many extras as you need in this section.

The aim is not share compromising information, just useful information like the Company name, the address, phone number and contact person. This helps your heirs deal with the accounts and let them know how many, etc. At the same time of being aware of any payments due or other crucial information.


  My Contacts

This page gives you the opportunity to store your relevant contacts: adding their company, contact name, address and telephone number'

For example, details of your accountant, doctor, employer, solicitor, etc.

As usual, you have the OTHER option where you can add your specific personal contact that is different from the suggested.

Your heirs will know how to get in touch with them easily and effortlessly.


  Day To Day Payments

This will allow you to list all your bills, the companies, their address and contact information, if relevant.

From electricity, gas, water, all types of insurances, pet care, phone, paper subscriptions, TV, etc.

Your heirs will know the companies you are contracting with, and can deal with the closure of all accounts with security and ease.


  Other Interests

This page gives you scope to note down specifics that are to be taken into account when dealing with assets. For example, a second home, collectible items, cars, jewellery, safes, boats, rental property or parking space, etc.

Here, you might record the information that is important, but might not have been covered on the other pages. Your heirs may not be aware of a rare or valuable painting you keep. A valuable ornament or rare collection may be over-looked during the time your heirs deal with your legacies.


  Memory Boxes

Memory boxes allow you to record and update messages, save videos, images, and letters to be shared with those who you love. You might decide to leave a lasting memory to as many people as you would like you to; you are not limited in any way to the number of files you store.

At the same time, if that's not you, you can skip this possibility and focus on what is really useful for you.


  Funeral Requests

This form covers all details related to your Funeral. For instance, you can state if you have arranged a pre-paid funeral or you have something else in place.

This is a very personal issue and you can fill as much as you feel you need, and makes you happy. Also, you can leave blank all those things that are not something you would want to go into.

You can add all the information and requests that cover your wishes, so your heirs will know it is what you wanted.


  Personal Requests

We thought it would be also really thoughtful to create these personal requests. Where you can ask your heirs to carry out some pre-arranged requests: from donating to charities, churches or other; to choosing a person (colleagues, neighbours, friends, social groups, etc) to whom you want to send a present, hand written letters, thank you notes, card, flowers, valuables, and various objects. In the case that that's something you feel it is a good idea doing. This is the place for it.

Bear in mind that if you have requests about organ donation you will have to register online:


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